$10 Ledger Shelves

Submitted by natasharoe on Mon, 02/14/2011 - 17:30

Here are a few pictures of my $10 Ledger Shelves. 

They are a lot of fun to decorate at the holidays too. 



Wed, 02/16/2011 - 07:15

I really think I need some of these for my dining room. They look great. Where did you get that lighting fixture, also?


Wed, 02/16/2011 - 12:32

Those shelves are great. I think I might need to make a set for my game room.


Thu, 02/17/2011 - 04:05

Thanks for the complements!!


I was really blown away at how easy there were. We put an extra piece of decorative trim on the front as well to give it extra depth.

The light fixture is actually a lampshade that I made to cover up some old lights that could not be replaced (long story).

I have a tutorial here -


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