Tryde Side Table as one of my first projects

Submitted by bebling on Mon, 02/21/2011 - 17:30

I decided to give the Tryde Side table as one of my first projects.  The plans I found on this site were easy to follow and the project was easy to complete.  I modified the plans slightly.  I used cedar 4x4s although much more expensive I thought they would finish better than "wet" treated lumber.  Since I am a new woodworker with a new "toy" (Kreg Master Kreg Jig Kit) I decided to use pocket hole joinery to assemble the top and the attach the top to the legs.  This method had many less screw holes to fill and finish. 

I stained and poly'd this one but the next one(s) I may paint.  I saw a post where the person modified the table to include a 1x4 top rather than 2x4s. I may try that on the next one too. It should be much lighter using 1 x 4s .

Here's a couple of pics showing the final product.

I could not upload the pics.. got a 404 error. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix that?

Bryan Ebling

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