Creating a “smart” bathroom

Have you ever looked at those “smart homes”—the ones with automated locks and lights and voice-activated television sets—and considered them beyond your reach? Smart homes are too expensive for us normal folk and can only be afforded by the rich and famous, after all. Well, maybe not. Technological advancements have made some aspects of “smart” homes almost ubiquitous. And they’re not nearly as pricey as they used to see. You might not want to convert your home over to being “smart” all at once, though. Try starting with a single room, say, the bathroom?

Smart sound

Nancy Blair, an interior design writer with USA Today recently published an article about how to digitize your bathroom. And the price tag isn’t all that horrifying either. First of all, consider the importance of sound in the bathroom. Whether you like to sing along with your iPod in the shower, listen to the radio while you do your hair, or broaden your mind with audiobooks while you shave, having some sort of reliable sound system is a necessity. Blair suggests getting bluetooth, water-resistant speakers. Kohler’s Moxie wireless shower speaker ($129) allows you to be up close with your tunes without risking your phone. The same goes for the Sonos Play: 1 wireless speaker ($199). Maybe theses could be gift ideas?

Smart switch

Next, what about turning on or off your curling iron or light switch? The Belkin WeMo Switch and WeMo Light Switch (both about $50) will allow you to smarten any switch in your home, including your bathroom. It’s simple to plug it in and then sinc it with the WeMo app on your smartphone (available for both iPhone and Android products). No more worrying you left your flat iron plugged in on the counter after a busy morning. Just flip the switch off from your phone for good measure.

Smart sanitation

Of course, if we’re going to talk about the bathroom, we have to talk about the toilet, too. Kohler has come up with toilets that have sensors, nightllights, and lids that don’t slam down. Totlo has a seat called a Washlet that acts as a toilet seat and bidet. It can be heated and you can adjust the spray pressure with a remote control. Talk about bathroom style.

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