Installing Pie Cut Hinged Doors for Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet - Momplex Vanilla Kitchen

Submitted by Ana White on Wed, 01/29/2014 - 12:13

Truth is, we didn't hang 20 yesterday.

We actually only hung 18. 

We were dreading the last two.  Can you guess what two doors I'm referring too?

Yep, you guessed right!  

The lazy susan we built for the corner will require two doors, hinged together with multiple different hinges.

You can buy the whole kit, or buy the hinges separately, as we did.

Image from Hardware Source

You'll basically need:

- 2 170 degree and mounting plates

- 2 Pie Cut Corner Hinges and mounting plates (0mm mounting plate for 3/4" thick door)

Don't forget screws if they don't come with the hinges, as well as a magnetic closure.


So let's start by attaching the two doors together with the Pie Cut Corner Hinges.

We use the mounting template to bore holes in one of the doors (both doors are the same size). Check your instructions if you need to alter the bore distance, or how close you bore the holes to the edge of the door.

The pie cut hinge can then be installed in the bored hole.

The other door is attached to the pie cut hinge with the mounting plate.  

Now we'll move on to the 170 degree hinge, or the hinge that attaches the bifold doors to the cabinet itself.


We bored holes in the door that is attached to the mounting plate of the pie cut hinge.

Notice that these holes are bored further from the top/bottom than the pie cuts - this is to allow for the lazy susan inside the cabinet to turn freely.

The 170 degree hinge (named for the degree of opening the hinge provides) is placed in the bored holes,

And attached with screws to the door.

Now we are ready to install the door on the cabinet.


Now we have a problem.  I couldn't find a 170 degree opening hinge for a Face Frame cabinet.  So we have to do a little modifying of the cabinet face frame to convert it to a frameless cabinet.

We figure out where the hinges will attach to the face frame, and mark,

And then cut out with a jigsaw.

Notice that the face frame is cut back so it's flush to the inside of the cabinet.  This will allow the hinge to be attached to the cabinet side itself, and not the face frame.

Now we are ready to attach the door.


With the hinges already attached to the door, it's just a matter of screwing the 170 degree hinge (using the mounting plate) to the inside of the cabinet.

The door is on ... now will it shut right?

Shut the pie cut corner cabinet!!! It does work!

It did take a few adjustments to the hinges (the hinges are fully adjustable) to get the doors to sit just right,

But all in all, easy as pie!


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