Second project ever

Submitted by NickC on Sat, 01/01/2022 - 13:10

This end table was the second woodworking project I have completed. The first was a doghouse that came out pretty well but was definitely not "furniture grade," so this time I knew I needed to up my game. For the most part, I think I did do that. It was not a completely seamless process, but considering my newness and the number of new skills involved (e.g., pocket holes, staining and polyurethaning) I like how it came out. It also showed me how I can continue to improve my skills so that the next projects will be even better still. The pine 2x4's were very easy to work with and dried out nicely once I got them home to reveal a nice grain. Clearly I have to learn how to cut boards to the same length, but that's part of what gives the project it's character (If you believe it then it's not a lie.). I also need to figure out how to sand polyurethane without scraping it and the stain all off. Thanks to Ana for developing this great page and for all the really nice plans on here. It made the whole process far less intimidating. (sorry for the sideways pics)


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