Corner Cabinet

Submitted by Chuck1522 on Mon, 01/13/2014 - 10:32

This was a corner cabinet I made. The purpose of this cabinet is to be used as a pantry. My kitchen is quite small, and in turn I was always having to sacrifice cabinet space for pantry items. Total man hours was about 20 give or take the occasional trip to HD or Lowes.

I found this project quite enjoyable. I don't have much of a workshop area so space was tight. I had to constantly move my tools around to make room for the cabinet while I built it.

The plans supplied by this website were simple and straight-forward. I didn't need any specialty tools or have to use any weird joinery. All in all I would give this project an 8 out of 10. There were a couple of areas I feel I can improve on.

After having posted this picture on several social media sites my friends took notice, Now I'm getting all kinds of requests. Not sure if I will entertain any. It's just nice to see a vision come to life.

Thanks for the taking a gander at my work.

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
Select Pine
Finish Used
Following the instruction on the bottle. I first applied three coats of wipe-on Teak Oil finish (Found at your local HD or big box retailer). Sanding with 220 between each coat. After all those coats were dry, about 72 hours, I applied two coats of wipe-on Polyurethane (again, found at your local HD). Before applying the last coat of wipe-on Poly I lightly rubbed the surface down with 0000 steel wool. This rubbing was done again after the last coat of wipe-on Poly was applied. I really feel this set the piece off and made it that much better. Be advised...I also used a tack cloth to remove any dust and debris between each coat of finish applied.
Recommended Skill Level



Mon, 01/13/2014 - 15:50

I also built a corner cabinet from the same plans and yours is by far the best. You obviously have the patience it takes to get the best out of your project. Looking for more from you.

Ill Just Paint It

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 18:33

Thank you so much for your vision! I've been looking for the perfect corner cabinet for at least a year! All the other plans within these plans are ok and would've worked, but I just felt like I wanted something more. I am in love with your doors! They look great! I may make mine a bit larger, but will most definitely add doors the same way you did. Unfortunately, it's not on the top of my priority list, but it will be this summer!!! Great work!



Wed, 04/09/2014 - 06:30

This cabinet is beautiful! I love the natural wood look, and I too think the doors looks great.

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