2 x 4 Garage Shelves Built into Basement Storage!

Hello Everyone! This is my FIRST brag post here on Ana-White.com - but not the first project that we've built from her awesome plans. :) 

We have an unfinished basement that desperately needed some shelving because 1. It's our workshop in the Winter and 2. We don't have an official 'storage' room in the basement of our split level home. When I saw these plans I immediately thought they could be modified to fit our space and get my stuff off the floor! 

I modified the plans just enough to fit our space. After reading through them completely, I realized for an 8 ft wide space (beside the stairs) I only needed three supports for the shelves. Easy! The only trick was fitting the shelf into the space AFTER installing the shelves. Because I had walls on two sides (unlike the tutorial) I couldn't do the shelves as the last step. 

I LOVE how these turned out! They are a strong as a ladder (we tested them... :)) and they hold everything I need them to, and a little bit more. It's a definite improvement on my previously messy, cluttered, saw-dust covered space ... :) 

Estimated Cost
Our space was 8ft tall by 8ft wide, so we ended up purchasing about $60 worth of 2x4s to complete the project. We also used 2.5" screws, which are around $4 per box of 75.
Estimated Time Investment
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
None - we left the wood bare and natural because it's just for storage - not for looks. :)
Recommended Skill Level

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