Basement Shelving....

Time to get organized in 2017....and what better way than with some custom shelving. This was not too bad of a project to complete. It only took about 6-8 hours to cut, frame, and assemble everything together (thanks to an interruption or two). 'Twas nice to have a project for once that I didn't have to care about finishing the project with wood filler, sanding, painting. I am sure my wife thanks me more as I would have been another week getting things just right​​​​​! 

A few changes that I made from the original plans:

- used 2x8 for the shelving runs as I only was dealing with a 10ft run and was a few bucks cheaper to buy 8 boards vs 16 boards. Plus less cuts!!! 

-installed adjustable furniture feet in the supports to deal with sloping basement floor. Unexpected side effect was it was easier to slide the unit around in the basement as I assembled it. 

Outside of those changes I remained faithful to the original design. I didn't bother filling the screw holes as we will be hiding the shelving unit with a curtain once  we turn the room into a TV/Office area. 

Also as it wasn't 100% clear from the original plans, but the height measurements for the shelf supports are to center... not sure why it didn't register with me right away... but just in case anyone else didn't realize that as well. 

Estimated Cost
$150 for wood, screws, wood glue, and adjustable furniture feet
Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Type of Wood
Premium Studs (worth few extra bucks as common white board studs are typically garbage at Lowes/Home Depot). Shelves were standard white boards
Finish Used
Recommended Skill Level

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