Bigger Kid's Picnic Table

I cut my pieces and spent hours sanding to get a smooth finish on each board. After the paint/finish I assembled the pieces in the house so I could use the floor as my flat even surface.  I read quite a few comments on Facebook about the tables ending up with a wobble so here is how I avoided that. 

Warning! When choosing the boards for this project, be picky. Make sure the 2 pieces in the middle of the table top are flat and not bowed or warped. These are the pieces that the legs are mounted against. With any variation the table will wobble. After screwing the table top boards to the table supports I attached the legs to the table support with ONE screw first. Next I flipped the table over onto a flat surface (top side up) to adjust the legs and then I secured them in place with the remaining screws.  Note: I used my legs wrapped around the table legs to hold in place while I was putting in the rest of the screws. My table does NOT wobble, YAY! Everything else went smooth and I love the table.

Estimated Cost
$35 includes screws and finish
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
standard 2x4's and 2x6's
Finish Used
I painted it unassembled with DecoArt Lush Foliage all purpose acrylic craft paint (found in the craft section of the craft stores). Acrylic craft paint covers in one coat, dries fast even in the cold, goes on smooth with no brush strokes and no need for primer. After paint dried I sanded each board with 120 grit sand paper distressing the edges. Wiped dust off with a towel and used Minwax wipe on poly (LOVE IT) goes on smooth and dries quickly even when it’s cold. After the 1st coat of poly dried I rubbed each board with a terry cloth towel (this smoothes the surface without leaving dust). I applied a second coat of poly and when dry, rubbed each board with the towel. I couldn’t be happier with the end result.
Recommended Skill Level