Fancy X Farmhouse Table

we built this table for our new home when we couldn't find an existing table that we wanted for under $1000. we were hesitant to attempt building it ourselves since we haven't attempted anything similar before, but knew we could do it with a plan. there were a couple bumps in the road as we learned how to read the plan and understand the different techniques, but we LOVE the end result. Especially because it didn't cost us anything out of pocket! {we had a lowes giftcard:)} the total came to about $130 for all the supplies; including the paint and poly for the finishing.

read more about the process on my blog:

Estimated Cost
$30 {we had a gift card} but without one it was around $130 for both
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Type of Wood
Douglas Fir {same as stud framing}
Finish Used
minwax stain in dark walnut
olympic pure white; {used 50/50 water and paint mixture for whitewash}
Recommended Skill Level

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