Modified Farmhouse Bedside Table

Submitted by alexnb on Wed, 08/01/2012 - 17:30

I have tried submitting this 3 times and each time it got deleted... so forgive me if this is short.

But for this table I followed the plan, only I left the legs about 7 inches longer to make the table taller. I did this because my plan was to use this in my bathroom for additional storage. Some things I will say about the project:

Make surre you get the straightest, flattest 2x2's possible. Most likely these will be furring strips, so pick them wisely. If you have access to better 2x2's or can cut your own I would suggest it. When you join them you will have little gaps because the edges are rounded, and they won't be flush. To counter-act this problem I filled them with wood filler in layers, and sanded it flush before I stained.

As for the finish I didn't stain the inside because I ran out of my mix, and I also didn't see a huge reason to because I knew I would be the only one opening the drawer. I did however seal the unstained area because it keeps the moisture content more consistent, which prevents warping. I used 3 coats of stain, keeping each on for a good amount of time. and gave a light sanding between the 1st and 2nd coats. I then applied Minwax wipe-on poly. This was VERY easy to use and I would recommend it for beginners.

The last thing you might see is the tape on the slides. This is teflon tape. I put it on the inside and the drawer, and it makes the drawer slide like glass. It makes a huge difference, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
$60+ (had to buy wood, stain, poly, hardware, etc)
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
I mixed multiple stains. I don't have them with me, but I believe it was a walnut, and a gunstock color. I did not have a good rhyme or reason to the mix I just mixed until I liked the color (stupid, I know).

I then used Minwax Wipe-on poly (Satin) to finish. I used wipe-on because it doesn't leave many brush strokes, and was good for beginners I had read. It worked out well.
Recommended Skill Level

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