Notre Dame Kids Picnic Table

Submitted by Shaila on Mon, 06/24/2013 - 18:54

I wanted to make a gift for my friend's kids. I also didn't want to make something they didn't have room for and couldn't really use. The request was a picnic bench for their 3 and 5 year old. I offered to paint it to match the house and they said no, they wanted Notre Dame colors. One of the big box stores has official NCAA colors so it was a perfect match! The wood cost $25 (only 5 2x4 were needed) and the paint, screws, etc. brought the project up to $90. The instructions made it super easy to build and I really took my time making sure everything was square. Also just to build the table is a few hours, maybe not that much. The prep and painting took me a while.

The kids were happy with their table and their Dad, a Notre Dame alum, was thrilled with the design.

Estimated Cost
$35 without paint, $90 with paint
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Type of Wood
Framing Lumber - pick through to find the best ones
Finish Used
Behr Exterior Paint/Primer - H.D. They made samples of the NCAA official colors, dried them, then color matched them for the exterior paint. I painted the yellow top and benches (2 coats first) then did the ND with special no-leak tape, then the legs. Two coats for the blue as well.
Recommended Skill Level



Mon, 06/24/2013 - 19:57

I showed this to my husband and he LOOOOOOOVES it. He is about the biggest Notre Dame Football fan there is! Only problem...we are a house divided, with me being a BYU fan, hahaha!