Rolling Cart - Home Depot Project - Modified

I built this at the Home Depot "Do it Herself" class last month.  I have been trying to figure out something for a large ironing board (for yardage of fabric for quilting) for quite some time now.  I decided this was PERFECT!  I removed the top tray, and added a 2' X 4' craft board on top, covered it with insulbright and canvas and it's a perfect Ironging station!!  I keep the ironing supplies underneath, and I have tons of extra storage space, it's WONDERFUL!


Estimated Cost
$35 (since I won the project from the free class, no cost on that material) spent $15 for the craft board, $20 on the Insulbright and I had the canvas material for the cover!
Estimated Time Investment
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
First, i removed the top tray (it would have been useless with the board on top). Then i screwed in the craft board to the side poles. (2 screws in each post) Then, I glued down the Insulbright (special batting for ironing on) and stapled that to the bottom. then put the canvas down on top and stapled that nice and tight.
Recommended Skill Level

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