Tall Corner Media Console

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Submitted by sully777 on Mon, 07/13/2015 - 10:17

Easy excellent project for That odd room you may have that needs a corner tv stand.

I use pre made 16" wide 3/4" MDF shelving from Home Depot for the Shelves, Used 1" x 3" for the top, and sprayed it all with Rustoleum Industrial flat black which dries in 15min, was the large size cans for $5.40 and and only useds 3.25 cans to paint the whole thing. 


TV is a 55" Class so it actually works perfect, because the tv stand is two legs and not the typical center mounted ones. so  put the tv toward the front of the console and the console is as far as you can go into the corner.

I have two power strips screwed to the back of the console, along with a cable amplifier, my wireless router for the house sits right behind the TV and you can see the blue status lights under the bottom of the TV.

Have  my speaker bar in the added shelf #1 below the tv, comcast cable modem in the right side square, TIVO in the center top, DVD Player in the center bottom, and loads of extra shelf space for whatever else I can think of....

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