They see me rolling, my pedestal (I'm sorry ;) )

I haven't decided yet if I am going to use the under portion as storage or not, so I am leaving it unfinished until then. The plan was perfect for my house as the laundry room is relatively small. In order to make sure I didn't have to lift anything major in case the washer/dryer needed cleaning/repair behind them, I modified the plan to include 2 4" static wheels from the Home Depot. I am going to skirt the pedestal later, but needed it framed and functional for the dleivery of the washer dryer. instead of using 4x4 for the uprights, I laminated 2 2x4's and lapped the joints for additional strength. I also made the pedestal 22" total in hieght as I am 6' tall and wanted to minimize bending (spinal surgery 2 years ago)


Even the delivery men were impressed as I was able to pull the pedestal out for them to easily lift the washer and dryer on top of it and slide it back into place. The pedestal is perfectly stable and doesn't move at all during a wash cycle. I still plan on securing it to the walls once the drywall is completed with a pair of L brackets.

Estimated Cost
$80 to this point. Skirting will add another $30, Prefab drawers cost an additional $200
Estimated Time Investment
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Type of Wood
Pine 2x4
Finish Used
Gloss white trim paint... eventually
Recommended Skill Level

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