Triple foot farmhouse table with runner, triple pedestal bench

My first attempt at a real furniture project, I would have never tried this without all the plans and support here at Ana-White! These are 7' for the kitchen/breakfast area.  Since the table is only 7', it has 2 pedestals.  I modified these a bit from the triple pedestal farmhouse bench and table plans by using a runner along the floor instead of a stringer board on the table and adding triple feet on the outside pedestals.   I also added 1x3 trim under the arches to add some detail and hide the grooves between the three 2x4 leg supports.  The top has mitered 2x4s around the outside with 1x6s on the inside.  One issue I ran into was that the 2x4s shrank a lot as they dried, while the kiln-dried 1x6s did not.  To make an easier to clean surface I planed the top smooth, and then added minimal texture by hand scraping.  My plan is to build a big 12' version of this table for the dining room. 

Estimated Cost
Under $300 for both.
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
2 coats of kona stain, wiped more off the top than the legs. The top shows grain, the legs are almost solid brown. I used hand-rubbed satin poly. 3 coats on the bench turned out great. 6 coats on the table top turned out too shiny and easily scratches. I will refinish the table at some point, possibly with a softer finish.
Recommended Skill Level


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