Utility room storage modified for skis and a freezer


This is the garage shelving construction method, but modified because we needed room for the freezer, there is a steel support column, and skis needed to be hung.

It's really three "ladders" of 2x4s, nailed with my framing nailer.  The rungs support the shelves.

  • The only dimensions I measured were to reserve space for the freezer, and the height of the support for the ski rack pegs.  The rest was based on the height of the things I wanted to store (coolers, etc), the width for the shelf unit was "as wide as possible" and the depth was "as deep as possible without covering the power outlet". 
    Cut to fit.
  • The ladder pair at the rear of the photo makes one shelf unit. 
  • The third ladder has rungs on both sides of the support column to stabilize it, keep the skis from banging into the freezer, and to provide a place to put the ski hanging pegs. It is also has one support for the shelf over the freezer.
  • The shelf over the freezer area stabilizes the unit side to side.  It's a good place for bulk paper storage because that is light and not heat sensitive.
  • The only truly new pieces of lumber were the 6 2x4 studs for uprights and some of the rungs.  I used all the suitable scrap 2x4s I could find before I cut into new wood.
  • Shelves were made of scrap plywood from another project, and some salvaged wood from the garden shed.  Some were previously part of my truss shelves, which were no longer needed after the workshop storage improved.  (yes, I recycle my recycled and reclaimed wood.
  • Shelves are nailed in place with finish nails to keep them from slipping.
  • You can't see them, but each shelf has a 1x4 or 1x6 board nailed to the ladder behind it to keep things from falling through the gap.
  • Ski storage is dowels inserted into a 2x6.  The paired dowels are far enough apart that the ski bindings won't whack into each other.  After the picture was taken I put an over-the-door coat hook between the skis to hang the poles.
  • The space for the folding stepstool was 100% accidental! 

It's CHEAP and EASY storage.

Two reasonable skilled people could do it in an afternoon.

Estimated Cost
$20 in new wood
Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Type of Wood
white wood construction lumber and scraps
Finish Used
None. I left it bare.
Recommended Skill Level


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