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My name is Kris. I am a computer programmer that has always loved working with my hands and making things. About 6 months ago I had decided to clean out my garage and found some old wood from some home repairs I had done. Instead of tossing it I figured I would make something for our little girls, so I made them a bench. Rustic and malformed, but still it was a bench. When I saw the reaction on my girls' faces I knew I had to make something else. Before I knew it I had amassed a garage full of power tools and supplies and was building something every chance I got. My wife and I ended up opening a little online shop to see if anyone would be interested in our pieces and before we knew it we were paying our mortgage with what we were doing in the garage part time. That's when a customer of ours emailed us some plans from Ana's site. I made the console table for her to her specifications and it turned out beautifully! (Thanks for the awesome plans Ana!)

Now I come here and tell friends about this site all the time. I am a building fanatic now. I'm glad to see so many other people who would rather put their own effort into building something for their homes than go buy it from a box store. Hopefully I will be able to continue my passion for building and eventually start designing my own pieces.