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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 11/30/2009 - 21:38
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I designed (and actually built) Kid’s Storage Chairs to post plans for you all to enjoy, but I decided the plans were too complicated to get my recommendation. No, not every plan I draw up makes it all the way to the blog – I strive to provide plans that are cheap, easy, simple, and quick, yet still stylish and functional.

These kid’s benches are all that – cheap, easy, simple, quick, stylish, and very functional.

14 inches tall by 16 inches wide by 10 inches across


Shopping List

1 - 1 x 10 @ 6 feet
1 - 1 x 3 @ 4 feet
1 - 1 x 2 @ 4 feet

Common Materials
120 grit sandpaper
paint brush
Cut List

A) 2 – 1×10 @ 13 1/4″ (Sides)
B) 1 – 1×10 @ 14 1/2″ (Bottom Shelf)
C) 1 – 1×10 @ 16″ (Top)
D) 2 – 1×3 @ 14 1/2″ (Storage Compartment Sides)
E) 2 – 1×2 @ 14 1/2″ (Top Trim)

Tape Measure
Speed Square
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Circular Saw
Power Sander


Step 1

After cutting all your boards, start by drilling 1″ diameter holes in the side pieces A as shown above. Then join the two holes into a handle using a straight cut with a jigsaw, to ge the handle as shown below.

Step 2

Then cut an arch out as shown above. If you don’t have a protractor, you can use a piece of string or even any round object that is the right size, to get the pattern.

Step 3

Once both of your sides A are correctly cut out, use screws and glue to attach the sides to the bottom shelf, B, as shown above. With all screws, predrill with a countersink bit to hide your screws and prevent the wood from splitting.

Step 4

Glue and screw the top to the bench, C, to the sides.

Step 5

Step 6

Flip the bench over and attach E by screwing through the bottom of E into the top of the bench C. Also, screw through the sides of A, the side, into the end edge of E. You do not need to toenail, as shown above. Do this on both sides.

Step 7

Fill your screw holes with putty and sand and finish as desired.


Ana White (not verified)

Mon, 11/30/2009 - 21:44

Okay, this is bugging me - the handles on the benches should sit down 1" not 1 1/2" as shown in the plan. I did the 1 1/2" to add more structure and support, but the designer in me says that the bottom of the handles must line up with the bottom edge of the trim. Look at the handles in the bench labeled Celeste and Wesley. Those are correct. Now look at the bench labeled Easton. The perfectionist in me says that is not right. If you are as picky as me, I would recommend drilling your 1" diameter holes 1" down from the top of board A, same distances inset from the sides.

*MICHELLE CAUDLE* (not verified)

Sun, 01/10/2010 - 09:33

I just found your website through Ucreate and am SO happy I did!! I loved taking shop in high school but haven't really made anything since...and my husband loves to build things but neither of us knew how to make furniture sturdy enough...I've so excited to redo my kids' rooms with some sturdy, stylish furniture!!! Thank you so much and I'm addicted to your blog now! Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous (not verified)

Thu, 04/01/2010 - 04:48

These benches are just the thing for my kids, ages 4 and 8, to use at their art table!! Hubby made a wonderful art storage table for our kids' play area, and they're forever taking the stools from around the house to use with it. What a simple and easy plan for some functional seating for them! Heading to shop for lumber for them today! Thanks for reminding me that I can do it myself!! (and for the fab plans!)

laura (not verified)

Sun, 10/03/2010 - 05:00

LOVE this design! We were looking for a great beginner project & found this! Decided to have our 5yo help make a stool for each guest attending her Fairy Tea Birthday Party this weekend & the guests LOVED that they had a personalized stool! Thanks Ana! :-)


Mon, 03/21/2011 - 07:32

i am so psyched about this website in general, but this may have to be our first project. my boys have a play kitchen (wish i saw the site first so i had the confidence to make one instead, but oh well) which they are obsessed with, but lack a good table to serve on and "eat" on. the table would be perfect to store their pots n pans and plates and such and with these adorable benches they could store their little chef hats and aprons. personalized being a big plus. my oldest who is five is jumping in excitement at the idea of this project as i write. my little foodie.

wish me luck! and with the completion of this bringing some confidence (so i hope) i want to tackle the train table next!!!!
love this site! you rock


Sun, 11/06/2011 - 18:02

I made this bench for my daughter's pre-school auction fundraiser event. Filled the bin with some art and craft supplies, it sold for $75! Thanks so much Ana for posting all these amazing plans!

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