Momplex Vanilla Kitchen

These plans are for the Momplex kitchen for cooking Mom - with the off white cabinets and white appliances -

Building Base Cabinets

Seven sheets of PureBond plywood and $200 in popular boards.

Yep, that's what it took to take this blank space ....

And turn it into this:

Well, at least to build all those cabinets!

I'd love to know how to make a dishwasher out of plywood, but I'm going to stick to cabinets for now.

The Ram and I spent about a week building the cabinets, and honestly, the building was the easy part.  Once we got all th

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Base Kitchen Cabinet Layout

Thank you for all the lovely comments and likes and love on our Momplex kitchen reveal!  Man was it ever tough keeping a secret from you and we are so glad to finally get to share all the details with you on how we went from this:

To this:

Before we get to paint and all the pretty details, we had to first come up with the general layout of the kitchen.

The original plan from the start was to build a pantry in the c

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