Tool safety and pregnancy

Submitted by denogirl on Sat, 07/14/2012 - 19:16

So, I'm pregnant and nesting syndrome has hit an all-time high :) I've been doing projects around our house for months now, as we moved into a foreclosure with a lot of little problems, but now that all the little projects like organizing and painting are done, I'm stuck with projects that require cutting, drilling and whatnot.

My husband is terrified to let me use any power tools (he swears I'm going to cut my stomach open with the circular saw) but hes at work so much waiting for him to have time to do these things for me can take weeks!

My question is, what kinds of safety precautions, above and beyond the normal (safety glasses, masks for sanding, etc) do I need to take? Is it dangerous to use power tools while pregnant? Does anyone know? I'm building a closet shelf system at the moment and was able to guilt the home depot guy into cutting all my wood for me this time around, but I doubt that will work again!


Wed, 07/25/2012 - 16:35

The only thing you need to really be aware of is some of the finishes have unpleasant fumes. You'll know when it's too strong, given the heightened senses.

The only issue with using power tools that I can think of is that changing hormone levels can play holy heck with physical coordination. But you should have a good handle on that just based on doing other tasks around the house. If you can't chew gum and walk a straight line, don't play with power tools. Otherwise don't fret.

sgilly02 (not verified)

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 10:23

Home Depot will always cut your lumber for you. You might need to make adjustments as their saw, and their measurements, aren't always spot on (but then, neither are mine!). They might charge you 25 cents a cut after the first couple cuts, which are free, but if it makes your worried husband feel better then it's definitely worth the extra couple of dollars!

Rusty Cottage

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 10:58

If you don't feel comfortable using a tool, don't, have someone else do this for you. Research how to videos and articles. I feel that a safety section should be added to the site.
Just a few general tips.

1.Educate yourself on the dangers and read instruction manuals they have safety instructions inside (don't have them download off the internet with make & model).
2.Respect the tool you are using and take your time.
3.Wear safety gear (hearing, safety glasses, dust mask)

For the circular saw since this was the main concern:

-only adjust the saw when the power is disconnected
-don't stand directly behind the saw and grip the saw firmly
-clamp the piece you are cutting.
-support the material on both sides of the cut
-adjust the depth of your saw so that only 1/4" or one tooth will exit the bottom of the material, this helps with "kickback"
-don't put your fingers underneath the material when cutting.
-roll up long sleeves and tie back hair

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