Help with restoring a crushed corner on antique table *photos*

Submitted by aleciarock on Mon, 08/13/2012 - 17:58

Hey Guys!

I am somewhat new to restoring. I found this great table for $3 and I am trying to restore the original finish as much as I can.

I plan on lighting sanding the scratched areas to make them less noticeable and then using some kind of matching stain (suggestions please!).

I also really need help with how to restore the crushed corner on the front right. I was thinking some kind of wood filler and kind of just mold it in a corner shape and then stain it like the rest? Is this correct?

Any suggestions on how to complete this project would be great! I love the original gold detail, and dont want to tarnish its beauty. I can also post pictures after completion! I am pretty anxious to start!

Please see photos !

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