Size of furniture compared to room size?

This may be dumb, but I'm going to ask anyhow.... Does anyone have any suggestions for trying to determine if the size of a piece will look okay in a specific area in your house?

I absolutely love this sideboard (…) but am slightly terrified about how many times it says gigantic. I measured, remeasured, and measured one more time and it will fit. BUT, is there a better way to predict if it will look okay once it's all done? I don't want to build it ($400ish), just to find out it's just not right for the spot.

I haven't built anything before, and am slightly scared to undertake this as my first project, but it's the piece that I need the most out of all of the stuff I have planned.


Mon, 10/01/2012 - 18:59

I would try getting a roll of that blue painter's tape (because it's easy to remove after you stick it down) and tape off an area in the room equal to the size of the piece of furniture. That might help give you a rough idea of what something of that size would look like in that space.

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