Tool Storage

Figuring out where to store your tools is something you're likely to confront soon, if you haven't already. A couple of years back, a fellow named Chris Schwarz made a bit of a splash with a book called The Anarchist's Toolchest, that among other things discussed effective and efficient tool storage.

One of the downsides of that book was that the tool chest he talked about was designed to be built by serious, experienced woodworkers who were willing to dedicate a full working week or two (not just evenings and weekends) to building a tool chest.

Today he gave a sneak peak at a tool chest that you can build in a weekend, with tools and materials you can get at the home center. Also note that while the title, Screw This Anarchist's Tool Chest Stuff sounds rude, he is being literal. You put it together out of plywood and screws.

Also, if you find yourself completely in love with woodworking, his book is a good read. It will help you re-evaluate the tools you have purchased and what you should (or should not) buy in the future.

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