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Submitted by Z_dh on Thu, 02/21/2013 - 07:16

I am new comer for wood working project. I am interested in making beds, tables... for personal use. What are the most important tools i need to get started? where I can get them? and in what price range? ONE IMPORTANT THING! I do not like to buy one tool now and upgrade it later. please help me from your experience. Thanks!


Sat, 02/23/2013 - 07:10

A decent drill with a cord. A skill saw, also with a cord. A good hammer, 16oz with a smooth face, not a waffle face. A 0.5mm mechanical pencil (Pentech drafting pencils are preferred, and available almost everywhere). A speed square. A small (6" or less) adjustable combination square. Inexpensive nail sets. Slotted and philips head screwdrivers.

Things you don't need: Air nailer, cordless tools that take batteries (cordless tools that take muscle power, on the other hand, are recommended).

Things that are nice to have: A good Japanese style hand saw. A western crosscut saw. A set of three chisels and an arkansas sharpening stone set.

Note my lack of brand recommendations. Brands aren't super important at this stage of the game. If you get really serious about it, then the brand names start to matter. But i've built some of the furniture that I'm most proud of using a chisel, a $15 backsaw from Lowes, a second hand hand saw that I bought on ebay, and a third hand jack plane with a busted handle. You can see it in my brag post:


Sat, 02/23/2013 - 18:40

Wow where to start there always seems to be another tool or gismo to make your work cleaner, square, or level
First let me point out that Anna has a great write up on just this topic on the home page on “Getting Started “
Now my personal thoughts is you will need a good drill, you will use this a lot. I own a cheap Black and Decker with a cord for almost 5 years now and it still works great. Jigsaw is a must with me they are relatively cheap but do not cut corners when it comes to buying blades or you will notice your cuts are not quit what you hoped for. A Circular saw is another must again not too bad on price but the blade says it all. You will also find a Carpenter’s square, couple of small clamps, and measuring Tape are also tools of importance. Hammer wouldn’t go hog wild on this I do not use mine much just one with a little weight behind it and feels good in your hand. A set of drill bits I would get the ones with the countersink on them you will come to appreciate that. A nail punch which is a god sent when it comes to working with trim. A sander is like your right hand when it comes to finishing up on your project a cheap Obit is good I like the one with the I think it is called Hook and Loop which makes it easy to peel off and replace the sandpaper. With these tools you should be able to do a lot. Now if I may over the time I have been doing this I found the Kreg Jig, Sliding Miter saw have both been well worth the investment. I have also broke down and bought a cordless 20volt drill and I love the freedom of movement it gives and the charge last a very long time.
All these tools can be purchased at any home improvement store you can also buy them online but at the store you can ask questions get a close look at them and handle them for instance some circular saws have the motor on the right some on the left or even some behind the blade each has its advantages and disadvantages
I hope this helps Good luck and Happy Building


Mon, 02/25/2013 - 09:40

claydowling and Jamaunzie thank you very much your your help. I am going to collect the tools you suggested. I might go and check in local stores and see what ebay offer for the same or better item.

Thank you

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