Recommendations? Saw blade & workspace setup?

So I'm about to take the plunge and buy a circular saw. I'm going to go for the Makita 5740NB as seen here:…

Seems like a good deal and I love the light weight. I'm curious as to what blade I should also purchase? I haven't used a circular saw before (just a jigsaw & a long time ago a table saw & band saw in shop) but I know the blade makes all the difference. I'm trying to make smart buys and not buy the shiniest, most coveted blade out there. I just need something that will do smooth cuts in plywood & cut 2x4s and smaller lumber & trim to length. Nothing fancy. 

I am challenged with straight cuts, but that might be because my jigsaw isn't the best and I don't have a good work space setup.

Also, I am going to be working on my back porch, where there is a spot for some kind of work area, though I'd prefer something not-too-big and/or collapsible/tuck-away. My porch isn't secure, so I would need to be able to put stuff away at night. 

Recommendations? Sawhorses? Worktable? Couple of boards? Any suggestions are appreciated!



Fri, 05/03/2013 - 07:34

A combination bade with carbide teeth. The best blades in the world are Freud blades. If you are looking middle of the road price wise just go with any name brand combination blade with carbide teeth. As for straight cuts you can buy a guide that attaches to the circular saw will keep the saw in a straight line. That or clamp a board along your cut line to keep the saw straight as well. As for work space, some lightweight and cheap plastic sawhorses will do, usually $15 a set. Get a few long 2x4s for support as well. A small work bench would be helpful as well for smaller pieces and layout work. Hopefully that helps a little, feel free to ask more questions!

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