To Paint or Not to Paint....

I am working on my first project. It is the base shelves for the modular desk and I have all my boards cut but I dont know if I should paint before I put it together or after I put it together. I got contradicting advice from two knowledgeable sources so I am curious what this community has to say. I will be using the kreg jig to make pocket holes for assembling it if that makes a difference in the options at all. THANKS GUYS!


Mon, 05/27/2013 - 08:10

Before you put individual components together sand them very well. As for when to paint do as much as possible before putting together. You will get really sharp edges - a professional look. Then touch up after construction. (Only do this if you have checked that all fit correctly including square and level so you are not wasting time.) You will have a great urge to see it finished but resist that urge if you can.

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