Footboard dresser

Submitted by zannej on Tue, 08/27/2013 - 07:54

My last post in this section seems to have broken something, so I'm going to try a shorter post on a different topic.

I like the idea of a storage chest or dresser at the end of a bed and didn't realize until recently that there are actually dressers that work as footboards.

I saw the Dillon 4-Drawer Footboard Dresser by Lea Industries (sometimes just called Lea) and thought the side reminded me a bit of the Farmhouse furniture set.

So I started wondering if maybe another variation of that bed could be to have a footboard dresser.

I've only seen pictures from the side and front, so I don't know what feature makes these dressers work as footboards. I'm guessing there must have to be some extra reinforcement or something.

Does anyone know? And does anyone have the plans for one?

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