French provincial storage platform for bed?

Submitted by zannej on Mon, 08/19/2013 - 04:00

Hi, I'm new here but I have lurked around the site before. I'm a bit obsessed with storage beds although I'm not sure if I have the skill to make one, but I'd like to try.

I have three beds that I want to make underbed storage for (and possibly footboards).

I have an idea of what I want to do for two of the beds (I love Birdsandsoap's hinged footboard idea) but the third is a puzzle.

We have limited space so I want to make the most of it.

My mother has a Dixie French Provincial furniture set from either the late 60s or early 70s. She's had the set for at least 40 years now. She got the lingerie chest, bureau, night stands, and dresser with mirror. (I'm going to see if I can post the pictures or links to them)

It's this set (but with queen headboard)

The queen headboard:

The dresser:

The nightstand:

The bed does not have a footboard- she has a blanket chest up against it.

Her mattress is a Tempurpedic that I believe is about 8-inches high (queen).

Currently she has her headboard hooked to a metal frame that supports the Tempurpedic platform and mattress (the platform really seems like a waste of space).

She often complains that the bed is too low for her and she wishes it were higher. She's well over 200lbs so she needs something sturdy.

She doesn't like the look of a lot of the storage beds she's looked at as she says they are "too masculine". She couldn't be any more specific than that.

I want to create a platform with drawers (either two side by side or four with two stacked and then next to each other) and a cubby/shelf area next to the night stand. My problem is finding something that will match the look of her existing furniture but I've ruled out being able to get that wave pattern because that seems a bit too complex for me to tackle at this point.

This Deer Run Captain's bed from Lea Industries was the one that gave me the idea for the shelf/cubby along with drawers.…

If that link doesn't work:…

For the very bottom I was thinking of either having it just high enough off the ground that I can reach an arm under if anything slides under or having a toe-kick (which would keep things and critters out from underneath).

If I make a footboard, I don't want it to stick above the end of the bed (but I do want something to hold her mattress in place so it doesn't slide around).

Any suggestions of how I can make something that will match her set?

(I apologize if this double-posts-- when I tried to post it said "File not found")