Too much fun with pallets

Submitted by Lu7997 on Wed, 07/30/2014 - 05:12

I have been having way too much fun using pallets to build things

I recently moved and our new home was over loaded with landscape (jungle style that hadn't been kept up in years) I started clearing it and cleaning it up and found out that there are pipes under the ground that I can't remove because they are the city water lines (answer to why all the landscape areas) so no grass in those areas I decided I would build a deck that wrapped around but we don't have a lot of money and just redid so much on the inside when we moved (Going from 3,000 sq ft to 1400 required a lot including bunk beds and a storage bed and an extra closet Three girls need space for things)

So short story turning long (sorry) I found a recycling company just up the street that has pallets by the hundreds for free (New obsession started lol I had used lathe and other reclaimed wood in the past but this brought out new ideas I had never thought of lol) I decided that I was building a deck of pallets And I could really make it as big as I wanted because I had very little cost in it now (Saw blades and screws and some treated lumber aside, and considering the pallets eat through the saws-all blades and my miter blades those are adding up fast I probably should find a different approach to cutting them lol)

I have a deck that is 12x12 at the highest point and steps down to a second level and runs 12' and then out another 24' and has another 12x12 platform at that height and it has cost me under $200 : ) (And like I said most of that has been saw blades miter blades aren't cheap you all know that) I even have a spot for my trash cans that hide them and will when it is finished close to keep all the animals out (easier then my shed on the other end of the yard I hate taking trash clear over there at night) I plan on extending out to the back tree and adding a built in seating area (of course all out of pallets)

I have a path laid out to the back shed (it will be stone) but a huge tree stump is in the way so solution.....pallet bridge!!!! Lol Another spot had a pipe that I didn't know what to do with so I built a wishing well out of none other them pallets and covered the pipe and surrounded the area with stones

I have cleared out over half the landscape and cleaned it up with the use of this wood for very little overhead cost

We now have a nice outside living space and I have to thank Ana White Because as a woman who is crafty I was limited to crochet, and beads, and typical crafts It feels great to be able to have taken on such a massive project and have such a wonderful outcome Most (well seeing all the woman on here makes me feel great how many actually take things in there own hands as well) so I will say many woman would have went out to Amish country (since I only live about 15 min from some of the better crafters around here and they don't charge a lot) and bought this stuff or hired one of the Amish men to build this because again they would not have charged much But there is something about doing it for myself that feels good (it is not perfect, I am sure the ones built by a true craftsman would be so much better but it isn't mine, and every project I do I get better)

The first table I built about fell over lol it is now holding a planter lol I had to add metal brackets to keep it sturdy lol but the next one I learned.

The wishing well took me over half the day of trial and error to get the miter cuts for the circle Before I was smart enough to remember "MATH" lol 360*divided by 2 which is 180* and then take that and divide it by the number of sides And that is the degree of angle I need for my cut So for a 10 sided object it is 18* Duh

And then it was easy The rest was easy I learned once I remembered to use my brain lol

I made sure the long side was the same width as the shortest board (I could have cut the boards to all be the same but there was only a matter of 7/8 of a difference between boards and for a rustic looking well I was leaving spaces between I decided not to)

The roof boards I cut all to the same width and length but I am still stuck on how to attach it
I have two different ideas and I ran out of day light since I took so long doing the angles lol

So that is my first project this morning (I have a noise ordinance in my community of no earlier then 9:00am which drives me crazy I am an early riser and a worker that wants to be out at the crack of dawn starting which is why I am rambling on lol lol usually I go for a run but it is rainy on top of things so I am tented lol)

Well I will stop babbling

I like reading all the posts on days like this when I am stuck in place impatiently waiting



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