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Suiting Up Again


After resigning from my professional career nearly a decade ago, I moved home to Alaska and became a homemaker.  Very little of the apartment lifestyle survived the journey, and even less survived my new lifestyle.

Yet there was one box that I held on to.  Neatly packed, carefully bagged, I just couldn't bring myself to let go of my suits.

They didn't fit, and hadn't been worn in nearly ten years. Out of style and impractical, the suits were one of the few meani

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Ana VS The Air Compressor

It seems I've been in a bit of a funk this summer.  We hauled our tools out to the cabin at the lake in the spring, and they've been there every since.  It's a case of siding. What do you think of our scaffolding on the fly?  Sorry, won't be posting those plans anytime soon.  And I feel like I haven't built anything in so long.  No, I'm not talking about siding.  I'm talking about pretty furniture. And then last weekend, we made a special trip into the cabin to bring our tools home!  I was

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