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Grace got Fired

A few months ago, a woman name Cassy called me from Fairbanks, Alaska (Alaska's second largest city of about 50,000 two hours away) and offered to take pictures of me for my blog.  My first thought to Cassy was, what would you get out of the deal?  Because I certainly couldn't afford professional photos.

And Grace took decent photos, not perfect, but when you are working with a point and shoot camera and Hershey Kisses, well, a three year old on a stool can be more amazing that you wo

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JOURNAL: The Salmon Are Running

When you follow the blog of an Alaskan woman, don't be surprised in June if suddenly, with no warning, she takes a few days off.  Because if you live in Alaska, when the fish are running, well, you run too.  To the Copper River. Or rather in our case, drive a couple hundred miles.  The last guest was just leaving the bridal shower I hosted on Saturday for one of my childhood friends (who is marrying one of my husband's friends) while I was packing for our last minute gotta go now trip.  Jetbo

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