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I'm A Building Junkie.

Here's what was on my to-do list for last weekend: 1) Submit book proposal to my literary agent 2) Submit additional creative material to my production company 3) Respond to emails from HGTV with project proposals 4) Build and mail custom furniture piece for Women's Day magazine photo shoot 5) Read and answer 600 + emails that I haven't had time to get to just yet So what do I spend my precious weekend doing? Camping? Nope. Going to our Cabin? Nope. Cross off items on my

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Journal: One Day at a Time

Today the sun was shining on the mountains, so I pulled the car over (infant niece Clara screaming, my preschooler Grace insisting that her WEE-Sing Christmas Edition was NOT loud enough) and stepped out of the car.  A slight breeze was blowing and I had to get my camera out. See that peak in the center? Last August, I, Ana White, an ordinary person who is not athletic, who has never walked more than 5 miles in a row, walked from the very point where this picture was taken to the very top of

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