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Journal: My All-Time Top 3 Projects

I've loved architecture ever since I first discovered legos, and still enjoy lincoln log play time with my preschooler (who, suprise, suprise, loves to build too!). That's my daughter, Grace, and my niece, Hannah, building a school while my husband, Jacob and I work on our cabin stairs. Now that was a big summer project, those stairs! Our lakefront cabin was our first major building project together.  We built this cabin with no heavy equipment.  Yes, me and the shovel know each other ver

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JOURNAL: Too many jeans in the washer

People always ask me how I have enough time. How can you possibly post a new furniture plan every single day? When do you sleep? The awful secret is that my home is suffering. Dishes don’t get done immediately, and floors are no longer vacuumed daily. Laundry is piling up, socks and underwear are stuck in the crack between the wall and the dryer. But I’ve fallen in love. After years of being a perfect housewife, the person – not the woman, the mother or the wife – the person in me has goal

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