Four Washing Machines Closer

Submitted by Ana White on Mon, 11/28/2011 - 00:04

I wish I could say we are one roof closer to Mom moving into the Momplex.

But we are instead dealing with record smashing cold in Interior Alaska, according to the Washington Post, my toes, and any other exposed skin as I run from the house to the garage.
And we are not one roof closer to building two homes for our Moms.  Not today.  
But we are also NOT $2000 closer to being out of money to keep working on the Momplex.  You know this crazy Momplex dream is what keeps me driving a car with the electrical not working in the driver's door (I kind of like it, means we can't hit the drive thru :)  ) or worse yet, the RAM's truck door handle not working so you have to do the ole roll the window down, reach out and open the door from the outside, and then roll the window back up.  
I know we have spent a ton of money on the Momplex, but I tell you what, every bit we can scrimp and save is that much closer we are to this crazy Momplex dream becoming a reality that both of Grace's Grandma's will wake up to for many years to come.  
So when I saw this deal at Lowes for front load laundry appliances, I instantly multiplied the savings by four.  $2200.  Twenty-two hundred Benjis.  
Because we will be needing two washers and two dryers. I read a few reviews online, made up my mind, saved it all to MyLowe's account, clicked on deliver, and sometime in January, two front load washers and two front load dryers will show up at the Momplex.  
We saved $2200 and nobody got trampled, or even pushed or even had to wait outside in forty below temperatures.  If you need a washer and dryer, or a fridge or tools at a crazy low price, the Lowe's Black Friday sale is still on, and you can shop online and pick up in store or have them deliver.  The Momplex washer and dryers were actually sold out, but the deal is good for special order too.  Today's the last day so do not procrastinate.
I'm so excited about the washer and dryer sets, just had to share with you. And I'm sure you already know where the extra savings is going to go ...
These images are from Sandi, who wrote me ...
Hi Ana
I was having a quiet day and came across your sketches so I did up some 3d perspective the views you were considering for your kitchen, and together these Images, I did not have any dimensions of the dining nook so I guestamated ..  I hope they can be of some help with your decision and since you are always helping myself and so many  others and I just wanted to give you back a little something..   Sandi
The little l was not the most popular in our Facebook Poll.
The W was not the favorite of most either ...
Or rather double U
It seemed most of you loved the big L
The whole kitchen debate started by the Ram asking me where he should put the light boxes.
I think we now know!
Thank you so much Sandi for taking your time to make our Momplex more beautiful!  I am very appreciative, and your diagrams help me visualize the space better.  This weather might have us unable to pound nails, but sometimes, clicking a mouse can be just as productive.
Thank you everyone for reading and staying with us through this slow period.  There is a rumor a heat wave is coming our way, and hopefully this "heat wave" (trust me, we are not stocking up on sunscreen and portable air conditioners) will last long enough for us to get heat inside the Momplex.


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