Wood Popsicle Plans

Submitted by Ana White on Mon, 10/08/2012 - 05:35

Well, good day to you!

I hope you had an awesome weekend, hope you've got a project you are super proud of that you built this weekend, and I hope it's still the weekend for you (those of you celebrating Columbus Day today!).  

We are in New York City.

Yes, watch out NYC, there is a couple of clueless Alaskans stumbling around your streets, still waiting for the crosswalk signs to turn to white before crossing and still going into panic mode every time a horn is blared.  We are so sorry to do this to you, feel free to point and call us tourists.  

But we are here to do more than sight see. 

Tuesday, my first book releases, and we are in New York City to do a few interviews.  I'll be live on Martha Stewart Radio at about 9:30 AM EST today if you want to listen in!  

On Tuesday, I will be a guest on Better TV (it will air later and I will be sure to tell you about it!) talking about projects you can DIY.  Now the folks over at Better TV wanted me to bring in 5 pieces of furniture from the book to show in the segment.  

How's a gal going to check furniture as a carry on from Alaska to NYC?  One farmhouse bed, one bench, two chairs ... can you imagine the extra baggage fees?  Too much for anyone on a DIY budget!

So I called up one of my best blogging friends, Jaime from That's My Letter and asked her if she would make me a headboard.

Jaime used the updated plans in the book and told me this headboard took her a whopping 30-45 minutes to build!!!  

Jaime also built my favorite plans in the book, the Adirondack Chairs (shown in kid sized) and delivered to NYC for us to show how awesome DIY furniture is in person!

When I finally got to meet Jaime in person, it's like we've been friends for years!  She's a pretty lady with a beautiful attitude and I love that she makes everything!  She especially made my night with these Wood Popsicle she made for Grace.

Yes, Jaime made these!  She spent NOTHING on them because the scraps are from the headboard (yep that's just a 2x6) and even personalized the set for Grace.  What a sweet treat!

And there's plenty to go around!  Jaime not only made Grace a set of Wood Popsicle, she made the plans so you can use your scraps to make your own set!  Trust me, your kiddos will love this set!  You can get the free plans here.

Thank you Jaime!  All images courtesy That's My Letter.

Well, I gotta run! Wish me luck on the Martha Stewart Radio Show!

UPDATE: The Martha Stewart Radio Show was super fun!  I'll forward on links if/when I get one!

PSSS:  There's only a few hours left to preorder my book and get the free 5 plan bonus pack.  If you haven't already, don't procrastinate, PREORDER IT NOW.  Can't wait until tomorrow. 



Mon, 10/08/2012 - 14:48

I hope u have an awesome time... it sounds like you are going to have a blast!!! Make sure you take plenty of pics to share with us!!!