Favorite Rustic Dining Table Plans

Submitted by Ana White on Fri, 02/24/2017 - 19:48

Rustic dining tables can completely transform a room by adding functionality, character and texture through natural wood.  But you don't have to spend a fortune - most are DIY friendly for around $100 using off the shelf lumber.  And of course, I'm here to help with lots of plans and inspiration.  Here's my list of favorite rustic dining tables that you can build.


The Classic - A simple, sturdy design, beloved by all, fits with most styles and takes stains and paints well.

Built by Upsidedown

Plans: Farmhouse Table Updated Pocket Hole Plan



The Fold Up - Bring your farmhouse table with you, where ever you go!  Or create an outdoor table that folds flat for winter storage.

More Details: Build Post by Officer Dad


The Fancy - By adding a few easy to work with angles, the rustic dining table becomes fancy farmhouse.

More Details: Plans: Fancy X Farmhouse Table


The Roll Over - Coffee table by day, remove the top and roll the base, dining table by night.  The perfect small space solution to convert a living area quickly and easily into a dining table.

More Details: Plans - Coffee Table that Converts to Dining Table


The Sturdiest - With overside beam work for legs, this sturdy table is a wooden sculpture in your dining room.

More Details: Plans - 4x4 Truss Beam Table / Photo: Brag Post by JakenLeelo


The Simple - So easy to build, you'll wonder why you haven't had a rustic dining table years ago!

More Details:  Plans: Rustic Table / Brag Post by Kellarinkatkoissa


The Modern: A modern take on the classic farmhouse table.  Simple build with off the shelf lumber.

More Details: Plans: Modern Farm Table


The Octagon: The fancy base with a beautiful octoagon top.  Perfect for smaller dining rooms or dining nooks.

More Details: Plans: Benchmark Octogon Table / Brag Post: Breakfast Nook Table by vlilly



The Picnic - Bring the outdoors in with a beautiful X dining table.  

More Details: Plans - X Dining Table / Brag Post - X Picnic Table Modified by Jessisnapp


The Sawhorse - This sawhorse style table can be used indoors or out and is simple to build.

More Details: Plans for Sawhorse Rustic Dining Table


The Converting - Office by day, dining table by night.  Just hinge the two desks together to create a four top dining table.

More Details: Plans for Desks that Convert to Dining Table


The Double Wide - Twice the rustic beauty for extra large dining rooms.

More Details: Plans - Leave it to Joy Double Farmhouse Table Plans


The Industrial: A little hardware takes teh simple farmhouse table into an industrial rustic beauty.

More Details: Plans for Industrial Farmhouse Table / Brag Post by Kory


So what is your favorite rustic dining table?  If I had to pick ... I'd let the house pick it.  Do share if you build, it's a big deal seeing your brag posts! Have a great day!

XO Ana

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