Guest Room Reveal

Submitted by Ana White on Tue, 05/28/2019 - 16:12

Our guest room is finally done, and we are so excited to share with you the completed space and all the projects!

We spent about $600 furnishing this room, including a farmhouse bed, large wood nightstands, a convertible twin sleeper chair, a mini kitchenette, a hidden closet, and more! 

If we'd bought all this - we'd be in the thousands - the bed alone would double our budget!

The snack cabinet holds a mini fridge and a microwave, perfect for a snack or taking care of littles.

And of course, a self service coffee bar  - all these projects are DIY and I'll link to the plans below.

Every guest room needs a side chair.  But what if the chair was also a bed?  We designed and built this twin sleeper chair to do just that.

There's also a hidden closet!

It's always there - you just can't see it when you don't need it.  But when you do, there's over three feet of closet rod storage, and hooks too!

And just in case our guests need extra shelving for folded clothes like pants or sweathers -

The clip board folds down into a shelf!

$600 for all this!

We go through all the projects in this video -

And here's all the plans so you can build it yourself!

Enjoy the plans! Please share if you build - you can add a brag post or just tag me #anawhite on social media - we love seeing your projects!

Thanks, Ana