twin bed

twin size farmhouse bed

Well we sold my sons baby bed, Sadly he is growing up really fast and out grew it. So we decided to replace it with a farmhouse style bed we seen on Ana White's site. was a pretty easy build. Didn't take to long. If I wouldn't have started at 10:00 it would have been a breeze. the lumber and all cost pretty close to the sites price, I think it was around $80. So finished it up Saturday or I should say Sunday morning at around 1:00. Stef started painting it today so i'll put up finished pics i

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Twin daybed.

This is my 1st project from this site! I built my daughter a daybed using the upholstered toddler bed as my inspiration... I also changed it up a little by beefing up the legs (they are 4 in x 4 in) & changing the dimensions to fit a twin bed... I used mostly wood that I already had... purchased some plywood, batting & fabric (only 1.75 per yd.) probably spent about $60 total. The color in the picture is a little hard to see due in part to poor lighting in the room at the time i too

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