Square Box Frame Coffee Table

diy square box frame coffee table
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I built a square box frame coffee table!  It was easy to build using 2x2 furring strips and 1x12 boards.  I spent about $50 on the coffee table.  It turned out so well, I am sharing the free plans!  

Step by step build plans with diagrams, shopping list, cut list and free matching plans - build the entire collection and transform your living room!

Square Box Frame Coffee Table
Square Box Frame Coffee Table
Square Box Frame Coffee Table
Square Box Frame Coffee Table

Build your own square industrial coffee table for under $50 in materials.  This simple coffee table is sturdy and beautiful and you can build it any size you choose, and stain or paint it any color you wish!

Why We Love this Coffee Table!

  • Simple style goes with any decor
  • Clean lines will make a space free structured and uncluttered
  • Solid wood top will stand up to use and be easy to refinish if required
  • Square size perfect for sectionals
  • Easy to build design just requires a few essential homeowner tools





 How to Build it - Watch the Build Video

In this super quick video, watch me build this console table.


Free Matching Plans in this Collection


Free Plans to Build Your Own Square Coffee Table


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Square Box Frame Coffee Table

square coffee table plans
34" x 34" x 16" tall


Shopping List
  • 4 - 2x2 @ 8 feet long
  • 1 - 1x12 @ 9 feet long (need 9 board feet total)
  • 18 - 2-1/2" self tapping trim screws (for building the 2x2 frame)
  • 30 - 1-5/8" self tapping trim screws (for attaching tabletop)


Cut List
  • 3 - 1x12 @ 33-3/4" - tabletop boards
  • 4 - 2x2 @ 15-1/4" - legs
  • 4 - 2x2 @ 30-3/4" - horizontals
  • 5 - 2x2 @ about 30-3/4", 3" shorter than the width of the 3 - 1x12s together


Tape Measure
Safety Glasses
Miter Saw
Power Sander


Step 1

Cut the 1x12s boards, layout and measure the width of the three 1x12 boards - if it doesn't match the diagrams, you will need to adjust a some of the 2x2 cuts (as noted in the cut list).

If you have a pocket hole jig, attach the 1x12s together with 3/4" pocket holes and 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.

TIP: Stain the tabletop boards if doing a two tone finish. Avoid staining the underside, as raw wood is better for bonding to the frame with glue.

Step 2

Build two of the side frames as shown, using the longer screws and glue.

Step 3

Cut the 5 remaining 2x2s to fit the width of the three 1x12s.  Attach to the two side frames.

Place the frame on a level surface and make sure it sits flat.  Let the glue dry.

Fill screw holes with wood filler. Sand well and removed sanding residue.

Paint or stain the frame, but leave the top edges raw wood (so the wood can bond with the underside of the tabletop).

Step 4

Apply glue generously to the top of the frame.  Place the tabletop on top and attach with the shorter wood screws.

Step 5

Oversized Square Coffee Table Plans

This coffee table can be built in a larger square size as well.  Follow the same steps, but adjust cuts as shown.



Wed, 12/23/2015 - 10:20

Is the chair in the coffee table pic a DIY project by any chance?  I really like it.
Thanks...love the painted walls BTW.  I've had tongue-and-groove walls for 20 years and I'm getting ready to paint them.


Thu, 10/20/2016 - 17:33

Hi-- I'm at the stage of the project where I'm ready to attach the table top boards to the frame and the instructions say to use two screws at each intersection. The parts list only calls for 30 screws so I'm confused about where to put the screws. Should it actually be six screws per board-- two at each intersection or is it one at each intersection?



Sat, 11/21/2020 - 16:01

Can you please tell me what color stain you used on this table and also can you use screws instead of making pocket holes? It’s beautiful


Sat, 11/21/2020 - 16:13

Can you please tell me what color stain you used on this table and also can you use screws instead of making pocket holes? It’s beautiful


Thu, 04/01/2021 - 10:07

Hi. Love the look of this table. Since a 2x2 is fairly small, do you use one pocket hole in the center of the 2x2 or do you use both the B and C holes on your Kreg Jig?