Face frame cabinets with shaker doors and metabox drawers, swedish drying cabinet

Submitted by sylvialh on Fri, 08/27/2021 - 05:37

My first projec twith drawers! the metabox drawers were definetly easy to make and use and work beautifully.

I made the carcase using plywood and did 1x2 poplar for the face frame. Shaker doors are 1x3 poplar and sureply underlayment for the inserts.

cabinet doors were finished using BIN primer (2 coats with sanding) and then Benjamin Moore Advance cabinet paint in High gloss silver satin. Interiors were finished using leftover / mistints, and I still need to do some filling and sanding on the insides of the doors (I have to take them down to do a final coat but am waiting until I have finished the other set of doors)

the upper cabinet is a dish drying cupboard so I omitted the bottom plywood piece and instead used 1x3 on the front and back so the bottom would be open. then I made the shelves using 1x2 and dowel (paint the dowel first before cutting!!). This thing is a dream to do dishes in!

Used Kreg pocket screws, Kreg jig for the euro hinges (1 1/4 and 1/3" overlay), and also a kreg jig for the shelf pins. Metabox hinges for the drawers. Still trying to decide on handle hardware so I'm using painters tape at the moment.

Countertops are concrete using Rapidset mortar mix and the michael builds method (linked below).

Planters are just a small poplar shelf using leftover 1x3 with metal terra cotta pot hooks attached to the front. I lined the pots at the bottom with plastic yogourt tubs with holes in the bottom so the cutlery doesn't chip the pots. Those also drain onto the drain rack below. everything is painted the same colour although I used high gloss for the door fronts, so the shelvings behind the pots matches the wall perfectly and sort of dissappears into the walls to highlight the terracotta.

sink is a "new" vintage ceramic sink that I found on FB marketplace for 50$!!! had never been installed and didn't even have the holes bored out. unfortunately the drain holes were very deep and requied some macgyvering but luckily my husband had a great attitude about it and managed to make it work with a lot of googling for odd sized drain bins. Props to husband for doing all the plumbing on this bad boy, including moving over our RO system from the other side of the kitchen and installing a new hose bib under the sink for the other side of the house (why not?!).

I learned so much from this project! Including to store your poplar inside and on the flat surface or it will warp and your doors will not be flush. luckily it only affected one door but it is still super annoying.

thank you ana for everythign! loved the comment "Get on board with these euro hinges!" you are so right they are so forgiving!!


Ana White Admin

Fri, 08/27/2021 - 08:31

Love the integrated flower pots and the dish rack is so cool! Thank you for sharing, I can tell a lot of work went into it!