My plans for a PB Teen Chelsea Tall Dresser

Love the PB Teen Chelsea dresser and I sketched one up. I have not made a full on plan like Ana's (I may or may not get around to making one). I certainly give her credit because that is a lot of work. If anyone knows how to use sketchup and wants me to share, let me know.


Tue, 05/03/2011 - 13:33

I'd love your plans! I've been needing to make my kids some new dressers since that crap I bought at IKEA just falls apart.
I've been looking for tall ones since we have multiple kids per room and are short on space.
I have no idea how to use sketch up and no real desire to learn, but if you could email me basic plans, cuts, instructions I'd really appreciate it. And I have actually downloaded sketchup, so maybe I could give it a try.


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