Patchwork Reclaimed Wood Headboard

I used the Reclaimed Wood Look Headboard plans to make a headboard out of found, discarded wood. The only new wood is the vertical 1x3s and 1x2s that form the sides of the headboard. The bed is also made of reclaimed wood, using a modified version of the Hailey Platform Bed plans.

The plans are modified to create a patchwork look using scraps of wood in different sizes and thicknesses. The wood scraps were cut so that when put together they make up the total length and width of the horizontal planks in the plans. I glued and nailed all the patchwork pieces to a piece of MDF board I found, and added a vertical 1x2 for added support down the middle of the back.

The top 2x4 is made up of two pieces glued end-to-end with dowels in between, because I didn't find any long 2x4s I could reclaim. I didn't put the top and bottom trim on the back side, because it was already quite heavy and sturdy.

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used
The original finishes have been sanded off and the wood sanded to 240 grit before assembly. The finish is two coats of Cabot's water-based stain and varnish in Sutherland Teak, applied with a varnish brush and then re-brushed with a dry brush to remove the excess.

The sanding took a long time - it would have been a shorter project if I left the original finishes.
Recommended Skill Level
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