Jelly Cabinet / Pie Safe

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Submitted by Ctarbell03 on Sat, 11/23/2013 - 16:28

My mom as always wanted a jelly cabinet and there's one for sale at a local antique barn so when I saw the plans I knew exactly what I could get her for Christmas. The plan measurement's were a little off so I ran it through Google sketch-up to get the exact cuts I'd need and to play around a little with the plans. I used chicken wire for the doors and they came out better than expected. For a finishing touch, my mom loves black bears and moose, so I decided to include them in the final design. I went with free drawing them on contact paper and cutting them out and using them as a stencil, I love how they look. Overall it was a fun project. I just need to distress it a little and seal it with poly and it should be better well done.

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Just wanted to paint this piece, will be doing some sanding to distress it and then seal it with a coat or two of poly to protect the finish. The back pieces I stained first then drew the moose, bear and trees on contact paper then stuck them to the wood and painted it, let it dry, peeled off the contact paper and it came out better than I hopped.
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