Roll Away Workbench Center with Wall Storage

workbench with lots of storage
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Free plans to build an amazing full wall workbench center with roll away workbench carts.  Customize the carts for your individual needs!  Carts can be pushed together to make larger workbench areas.  Rolls away when done.  Step by step plans with videos, created by

workbench with lots of storage

Cooks Need Kitchens, Woodworkers need Workbenches

I always compare a workshop to a kitchen - would you cook dinner if you knew first you had to pull the oven out of storage and set it up?  And then you need to sit on the floor and cut your vegetables? 

It's the same with building projects - if you have to haul out big, heavy, cumbersome tools from storage and work off the floor, it will inhibit you from getting things done.


Creating a Work Space

The big problem with most people is simply not having the space to dedicate inside your home.  So you have to create the space.  That's just what this roll away workbench system does.  One minute it's garage shelves-


The next you roll out your work carts (complete with the heavy tools on them)

ana white roll out workbench

And use the carts as workbenches.  The carts can also be pushed together to create larger work surfaces.

The wall storage is still in tact, so we use up the vertical space for storage too.

Surprisingly Easy to Build

These workbench shelves have been built tens of thousands of times by beginners everywhere.  The process is simple and very doable.  You can do this.  Watch this video to show you how:

Free PDF Plans and Videos for this Workbench and Carts

I did this project as part of the Ryobi Nation Dream workshop, and we had a crew film it and create PDF plans for every project you see here - all completely free for you.  Here's where you can download all those plans:

Thank you for using our plans.  If you build, please share, we do love seeing your projects.

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Roll Away Workbench Center with Wall Storage



Fri, 01/12/2018 - 18:38


I love and appreciate your work on the dream workshop. I just wanted to give you a heads up that 8-2X4's are missing from the purchase list on the shelving unit. They do not require cuts but are used as full size. I just thought you may want to know so your users can make just one trip to Home Depot :)


Mon, 02/05/2018 - 08:32

Had a bit smaller space to work with, but used your ideas and have the miter saw, table saw and other rolling cart all the same hieght to make working in the garage that much easier!  I also made cabinets instead of open shelving to keep thinks looking a little more organized.


Thu, 03/31/2022 - 09:40

Ana, thanks so much for this design! Totally awesome and we would love to build many of the features you have shared.
How does your lazy susan work with the cords? Do you drill hole in center of lazy susan and workbench for cords to route down through? When you twist the lazy susan with tools plugged in do they get all twisted? What suggestions or additional details do you have to shar with us about the cords/plugs?