Nesting Grill Station

nesting grill station
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Build your own nesting grill station for a portable grill!  Features grill table with storage for gas and grill, and a counter height dining/serving table.  Free plans created by available here

How amazing are portable gas grills?  They take up so little space, you can bring them anywhere - so no need to have multiple grills, and they do a great job for an economical price! 

I love portable gas grills so much, I had to make an entire grilling station based around one!

Here's how it works -

grill station put away

An enclosed console outside, that you can use for a variety of uses - as a bar, put an outdoor TV over it, or as a serving console -

outdoor grill table

If you want to grill, just pull out the lower table, move it away from a structure (so it's fire safe), and set your grill up.  I made the lower table table height, so it's perfect for a portable gas grill that adds about 6" in height.

grilling station nesting tables

You can also move the "over" table out, and use it for dining.  It fits about six stools (max) - but four would be more comfortable.

grill station party

We LOVE that you can use this system in unlimited configurations.  You can set it up as an island, as an L shape, with the grill out, with the grill facing in ... whatever your occasion and your space requires, this grill system is up for the challenge!

grill station plans

Building the Grill Station

This was actually a pretty easy build!  The hardest part was the X detailing (which you can omit or customize to make easier).  We created a video of the build process for your convenience -

Grill Station Plans

Love this grill station?  You can't buy it - you have to build it!

I partnered up with Ryobi Tools to create this project plan - click here or the button below to download the free plans.



Thu, 07/09/2020 - 05:27

Plans are no longer available?. Saddened, as this likely will retire our kitchen table and put in its place this as a breakfast station for the waffle/pancake griddles.


Tue, 07/14/2020 - 18:09

I want to add brag post for the nesting grill station but it is not allowing me to add pictures.


Thu, 07/16/2020 - 10:56

New to all this. How do we get the same natural finished look on any project. Is this wood douglas fir or pine or some other? And what finished coat would be used to achieve this look and color?