Barn door pantry

Submitted by Lukilla on Sun, 09/05/2021 - 05:33

My wife and I built a TV stand for ourselves with double barn doors a few months ago..
in the process,, we accidentally ordered a 4 foot single barndoor hardware kit.. we saved it hoping to use it for something in the future..

We saw this build, and just had to go for it. We made a couple modifications. Instead of buying all those 1x12s (lumber prices are through the roof here) we got a sheet of birch plywood for $60. We had it ripped down to 11.25" and made the sides, middle wall, and top out of those. (All of those pieces are faced out, so you can't see the plywood lines). This saved us about $100. If you do this, you will still need 2-1x12x10s for your shelves. We used this savings and bought an extra sheet of 1/4 plywood to put backs on both sides of the cabinet. (Suggestions on how to do that are in the comments of the original build plans posted by Ana.)

Lastly we had leftover 1x4s from a previous project to make everything except the diagonal slats on the doors. So, we used leftover 1x3s for those.

Varathane honey stain used on finish

All in all, we absolutely love this piece. And now, our neighbors are already eyeballing it and want to know if we can make them one.

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