Child Bedroom Set- Emme/ Patrick

This is the bedroom set I built for my daughter. The Bed is the "Emme Twin Bed" Painted white. It is the 1st thing I ever built off of this web-site. The dresser is the mostly the"Beach Cottage Dresser" also painted white. I just left the trim pieces off the sides. Also, this one has something "hidden" at the bottom that we thought was cute. The night stand was just modeled after the same style as the dresser. I just kind of made that one up as I went along. My daughter loves her bedroom furniture. Thanks so much for the plans.

Estimated Cost
3 piece set: $250-$300
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used
"SealGrip- Latex Primeline Fast Dry Wood Undercoat- Primer
PPG Interior Semi-gloss Paint and Primer in One- (I know it says Paint and Primer in 1, but I just don't trust it!).
Recommended Skill Level