DIY Veggie and Fruit Storage-Poplar

Submitted by sashreck on Mon, 05/11/2015 - 12:12

This was our first real project. We are pretty happy with how it turned out.

Things we learned:
1. Always trim the ends of the stock from the store. We missed one. Twas a bummer.
2. Clamp, Clamp, Clamp. Always clamp before you drill.
3. Sand and Finish all of the cut stock before you assemble it.
4. Drill the sides to the top basket first. That way, if your side is bowed, it will leave a space at the bottom.
5. We ended up using a hand screwdriver to assemble it. If your pilot holes are deep enough, this should be easy and more predictable.

countersink bit is a must have

Estimated Cost
$40 for just the wood ($70 with screws, polyurethane, paint brush)
Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
Varathane Clear Gloss Water-Based Interior Polyurethane (Interior Heavy Use Formula)

Sanded 120 grit-180 grit-220 grit-320 grit on raw wood
Laid three coats of finish
Sanded 120 grit-180 grit-220 grit-320 grit on finished wood
Required Skill Level
Starter Project