Firewood holder

I needed a better way to store my fire wood. The rack that we had only held enough wood for to load the fire place and add 2 or 3 as needed before the wood was gone. I wanted something that I could hold more wood.

I was looking online at different racks and came across something that looked like a bookcase with no shelves filled with wood. I then looked at where I had my wood and saw that I had a nook to put something like that in. The photo of the shelves with only a little wood is all the wood that was in the metal holder. I had a lot of space left.

After looking at various store for bookcases and shelving, hoping in vain that I could find something cheep that would fit the size I needed, I came to see what plans I could use from Ana's site. I looked at the cube tower and the locker cabinet and finally used the pdf from the locker cab resized to fit my needs.

My wife remembered seeing something about banding on here,(… ) So we found some white to match the wood. I think the banding turned out good.

I did have a hard time getting the drill in to the pocket holes for the second side of shelf. I started to look on line and found 3" bits at Lowes and HD, but it was 10:30 at night. After looking some more I found a great post on Kreg's site for using a ratchet with a 1/4" socket to hold the bit.

My wife also said I should add one more shelf for keeping the wood stable. I told her that I would be fine. Now that I have filled it up all the way I think another shelf would be good to keep the wood rotated. Have one stack of room temp wood, and one of just from outside trying to warm up. So she was right that I should put in another shelf. ;)

I think it has opened the space by the fire place and should help my daughter not to stub her toes like she did with the rack.

The wood was $30 and HD cut if for no charge. It only took one sheet. The banding was around $5 and I had to buy some more Kreg screws.

The Size is 12 1/2"W 18"D and 79" high.

The blue bag under the shelving is an Ikea bag. It is just the right size and strength to carry the wood in.

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
White MDF with White banding
Recommended Skill Level
Starter Project